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Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho movie - a Good message told too long and unprofessional

Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho movie - a Good message told too long and unprofessional
The start gave a great hope on the camera but made it below average throughout. Background music and sound is just okay.
Ayyapadas (Rudraksh) and the girl artist is cool fit for a serial or drama and flows well with all the others like in the hands of a non-professional crew. Movie suggests people like Suraj must vacate the screen with his low standard acting.
Had great hope as it is from an movie making house, Udaya and an award winner director Sidhartha Siva. Too many characters and lagging first half and after interval too much of sentiments.
Making fun on the faith of an immature girl was making the movie to break a message like your desire is lower than the happiness of someone whom you love, it could have conveyed better.
Preaching from The Alchemist “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” by Paulo Coelho messaging too many times made it boring.
May be the whole movie was irritating to me as I have learned Swamy Vivekananda quoting a heavier message "Adjust the microcosm (which is in your power to do) and the macrocosm will adjust itself for you."

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Oduvil Unnikrishnan's Documentary

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FILM - Fest - OMAN 100313-20


On Stgae

Watching "THE CALL"
Al-Zera TV Interview


at Oman / muscat Film festival March 13-21.

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Dada / Bapu Group / Maharashtra - Gujarath dominated !!

I feel if others are agree, we can ask following question related to marriage specifically.
In Multimedia eras, with increase of facility and improvement in quality of life
The facts are"
* increase in Friction between Husband - Wife
* decrease in Family and social bondage
* increase in self - considerations.
Let Dr. give his views for both husband and wife with pros and cons.
What will be effect of such scenario in future of couple and future generation?
Samir Shah

We have an opportunity to meet Dr Sasikumar today after 10.30 pm in Bapu Niwas and to ask him questions.
Pl bring all your friends. Your questions can be given to me.
Do not write your name. Confidentiality will be maintained so do not be afraid to ask.
We may request him to talk about building a good marriage and meditation.
Some of the things that Dr Sasikumar said : (Nilesh, Sameer, Nandu, Ajit) pl add at least 5 each to them and send to Sandip who will edit and circulate)
1. Let your children be adventurous. Let them fly like a KITE. You just be the thread holder to control them.
2. don't worry about accumulating. Be happy that your friends/neighbours/ relatives have wealth. Love them then you don't have to own those assets.
3. Love your children, let them sleep on your lap, let them ask you questions, many times!!
4. Be careful what you say in front of your children. what you say, they will remember and use the words.
5. Duryodhan and Dharma had the same upbringing, same teacher, ONLY THE SANGAT- friendship and surrounding was different. One had Shakuni, other had Shrikrishna. Have only good advisers who help you with Pravrutti and Nivrutti.
6. Every one has problems. Rama had them, Krishna had them
7. There may be or may not be a next life. But there is the next day. Live each day as if it is a NEW life.
8.LIFE = Live in full enjoyment but you should not have to look back with regret
9. Do not stop at reading, ACT
10. Your thoughts influence your children. It matches their bio rhythm. therefore praise them, be confident about them
11. Our verses/chantings are powerful, start the day with Karagre vasate laxmi - earning wealth is in your hands, so is earning knowledge, and so is the route to peace, contentment, better sleep and meditation. You can do it.
12. A satguru removes the cataract like ignorance (adnyan timir) from our eyes by putting his kajal (dnyananjan shalakaya) .
13. Satsang helps to bring your mind back and to focus it at Lord's feet
14. No matter how old you are, sleep in your mother's lap. You become elderly only when your mother is no more. Let your children sit/sleep on your lap

15. 5 things a person need to be strong in Physically , emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually to live good life.
16. In the friendship or socialisation, its not the number of people around you but the the depth of friendship. you have i.e how many you can influence or will follow your advise.
17. You need not buy house wherever you go, you can stay to your friend house and consider his house as your house. What he means that make such a friends whose house you can say your own house.
18. attach and detach yourself easily from material things.
19. How to think positive? you need not think act positive
20 Parent and Teachers are role model for the children, so what ever is their behaviour, they follow same. So behave yourself.

21-25 Nandu
26-30 Ajit
31-onwards Sandip
Hari Om!

Dear Doctor,

Hari Om!

I think we have to go quite a distance before being called "enlightened" but yes, we are trying to seek the light through our Satguru and people like you.

Some of us are "thinking" whether we have had enough of a "corporate" or "comercial" life and by your example, you gave us a perspective and the confidence about how to do so, successfuly and with a smile.

Your sardonic reply - Why do I lecture you ?

i do it because I ENJOY it was an eye opener.

We also realized the futility of building several houses and the beauty of loving others so that they become friends and soul mates.

Vasudhaiv kutumbam!!!

Look forward to meeting you again. Your thoughts will stay with us.

Thank you, with best wishes, love, smiles and prayers

Vandana sends her regards and

Hari Om!

Sudhir Naik

Dear Dr,

Hari Om!

Thanks for the email. Firstly, the initials you signed-off with TPS brought to my mind Thermal Power Station instantaneously and remembered your comments on your energy levels.

Secondly- your suggestion on your training to children to make them do best in studying- I want to explore it further. How to go ahead?

It indeed was very inspiring to have interacted with you twice whilst your stay at Muscat and look forward for further interactions in future too.